HLB-AG Joins QFMA Auditors Panel: Another Successful Milestone

03 March 2024



We're thrilled to share that Antonio Ghaleb and Partner CPA, a member of HLB International, has received official approval from the Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) to join the prestigious list of auditors' panelists for auditing listed companies. This milestone underscores our firm's steadfast dedication to excellence, regulatory adherence, and unmatched expertise in the financial realm.

The QFMA Auditors Panel

The QFMA regulates Qatar's financial markets, ensuring transparency and integrity. Approval to the auditors' panel underscores our credibility and commitment to industry standards.

QFMA maintains standards for market integrity. Investors rely on it to uphold transparency, fostering a secure financial landscape.

Auditing Listed Companies in Qatar

QFMA approval empowers us to conduct audits for listed companies, reinforcing our role as a trusted financial partner aligned with regulatory objectives. It also further solidifies our position as a trusted partner in the financial sector.

Official List of Approved QFMA Auditors.

HLB AG: Approved Auditor Under QFMA

Joining the QFMA auditors' panel marks a significant step, showcasing our commitment to excellence and expertise in contributing to the integrity of Qatar's financial markets.


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