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Income Tax Return Preparation And Submission

Our firm helps you in the preparation of Year-End Tax Declaration in Dhareeba system and ensure with the Qatari Income Tax law (24) 2018, and its Executive Regulation. That your income tax declaration in compliance with the Qatari Income Tax Law.
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Obtaining Tax Clearance

Our firm can assist you to get the tax clearance from the tax authorities. Once you obtain the tax clearance, you can assure that the tax authorities clear your tax position. To get the tax clearance, the tax assessors need an assigned person to follow up with him or her to address all the arising points during any investigation process.
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Withholding Tax (WHT) Services

WHT 5% is levied on certain payments made to non-residents including royalties and technical services, interest, commissions, brokerage fees, directors' fees, attendance fees, and any other payments for services carried out inside or outside Qatar.
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Dhareeba Registration - Tax Card

Dhareeba system is an online tax payment platform that consolidates various Government taxes that are required to be paid by a taxpayer in Qatar. It was designed with the aim of providing ease of payment of taxes for all taxpayers in Qatar.
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Transfer Pricing Services

As per the transfer pricing provisions pertaining to Executive Regulations, the calculation of the arm’s length price has to be done by using Comparable Uncontrolled Price (CUP) methodology as the primary method.
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Tax Consulting Services

Along with tax compliance services, our firm provides business tax consulting services to support you in developing and implementing tax solutions to mitigate the impact of the tax on your business transactions legally. We propose your practical solutions to be able to address your tax requirements.
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Taxation Services

Companies that comply with business tax law in Qatar will enable them to streamline the process in all governmental entities. Having a clear tax in your tax file at the General Tax Authority will expedite the GTA process during any taxpayer request.
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